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Brokk introduces a new powerful machine!

Brokk, the world´s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition robots, introduces the new Brokk 500 which features 40% more demolition power, the Brokk SmartPowerTM electrical system, a more powerful breaker, extended reach and industry-leading serviceability. And it adds a portion of good looks to the worksite as well.

Brokk unveils the Brokk 500 March 7-11 at booth B90703 during ... read more »

New Brokk 500

World introduction of the Brokk 120 Diesel Mark 2

Brokk, the world´s leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, announces the new updated Brokk 120 Diesel Mark 2- the world´s smallest diesel-driven demolition robot. This compact machine can operate independently and un-tethered for over 8 hours straight and effectively tackle jobs that no other machine can.

The Brokk 120 Diesel Mark 2 will be officially introduced at ... read more »

Pressinfo B120D Mark 2

Brokk and Aquajet Systems join forces!

Brokk, the world leading manufacturer of remote controlled demolition machines, has acquired the Swedish company Aquajet Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of hydrodemolition machines.

Great Match!
Brokk and Aquajet are a great match. The two companies are well-known to deliver the highest quality products, they are both leaders within their respective market segments, and both ... read more »


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